For my first pair of leather pants I splurged a bit to get these German Carpenter Pants mostly for the easy open crotch functionality. As a guy I don't find much domly about having my pants around my ankles so I really liked this idea of penis accessibility without having to undress.

MR-S Leather amusingly didn't have to change much from the classic German carpenter pants design, but they are made to generally be a fitted look and use and nice weight of leather. Not so thin you worry about stretching them out, and not so thick you feel you are wearing a saddle. I was lucky to be able to check them out at the store to learn sizing wise it is recommended to go up 2" from your usual waist size and then once all looks good they can hem the ends to your desired inseam all right there. Due to the tight fit they are pretty restrictive compared to my tactical pants, but that is the price of looking sexy sometimes.


Pocket layout wise the hand pockets are a little short where looks like they only expect one to store ID or cash there. The butt pocket is more like the expected size, however there is only one. As a modern addition there are side thigh pockets which actually are of decent size, great for holding smartphones or similar sized items. For smaller details they have the classic leather reinforcements on the pocket and zipper ends and belt loops to handle up to a 2" wide belt for those who want to rock a full duty belt setup.


On to the big show, the crotch area opens up with 2 nice brass metal zippers while a third zipper keeps an intact waistband. Getting the main 2 zippers back up can be a little more tricky if wearing a belt, however this setup is about as good as one can ask for when it comes to instant crotch accessibility while keeping your pants up. On mine I've added pull cords to the zippers which makes using a lot easier and can even be fun to allow a sub to unzip them using their teeth. I also added some split rings to the front buckle loops just to clarify they are not normally included. The crotch opening is a good size where one can decide to keep balls in or go balls out literally. As hoped it works great for all kinds of sexual acts without getting in the way. That said it can be easy to get the flap a bit dirty with play fluids, so just a heads up to preplan some spot washing.


Now although the pants are pretty much exactly what I want them to be, it brings up an interesting underwear dilemma. One could just not wear underwear, however I didn't want to butt sweat up my pants so I wanted at least some sort of barrier. I also didn't want to fish out my cock through normal underwear flaps negating having a very quick crotch opening. After a lot of browsing I found some pretty crazy underwear designs, but alas not exactly what I needed. I did however find a good enough solution with the GOOD DEVIL UNDERWEAR Pouch Wrap Boxer Black 5737. It has a mesh area that was about the opening size I wanted so I was able to just cut the mesh out without having to sew anything after. I also purchased INTYMEN UNDERWEAR Mesh/Screen Front Pouch Boxer Black 5664 which had a similar concept, but did not cut them up yet since the Good Devil ones worked out well.


So far I'm very happy I gave the German Carpenter Pants a try as they are quite practical for sexual play pants. Despite many may be put off from the cost, I'm totally spoiled with the overall quality and open crotch; now wishing the feature was on my other dress pants.

Purchased at:
MR-S Leather German Carpenter Pants -
GOOD DEVIL UNDERWEAR Pouch Wrap Boxer Black 5737 -
INTYMEN UNDERWEAR Mesh/Screen Front Pouch Boxer Black 5664 -

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